This package includes all 5th Grade supplies required by the school includes home delivery

5th Grade (Demarest)

  • Blue or black pens


    3 Packages - Pencils - regular #2 


    Black Sharpie - one thin, one thick


    Pencil case for pens and pencils


    2, Ruler (customary and metric units) and protractor (FOR HOME USE)


    1 12 Pocket 8.5” x11” expanding file folder (plastic)




    3, Colored pencils


    Dry erase markers


    White out (tape preferred)


    Pencil sharpener




    3 Packs of Post-it notes 3x3


    Glue Stick




    2" - Three ring binder


    1 package of dividers


    3 package of loose-leaf paper


    1, Package college ruled loose-leaf paper (reinforced)


    1 Plastic Folder with pockets and prongs


    2, 1" Three ring binder


    16 Dividers


    Pencils 3H, 2B (individual or set)


    drawing eraser


    Magic Markers (fine tip 8 or more)


    Magic Markers (broad tip 8 or more)


    Crayons (16 or more)


    Large ziploc bag