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This package includes all 5th Grade supplies required by the school

5th Grade (Woodglen)

  • 3 Boxes Ticonderoga pencils


    Several colored pens (fun colors)


    2 Hi-Polymer erasers (usually are white)


    1 Pencil case


    1 Pack of thin Expo markers


    3 Papermate black flair pens or 3 Sharpie extra fine point markers


    1 pair of scissors


    2 white glue sticks


    2 highlighters


    1 pack of colored thin colored markers


    Box of colored pencils or crayons


    2 Boxes of tissues


    2 marble notebooks


    2 - 1 1/2" binder


    2 Packs of dividers (5 tab)


    2 packs wide ruled paper (reinforced recommended)


    4 plastic folders


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