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This package includes all 6th Grade supplies required and optional by the school



6th Grade (Demarest)

  • Essential Supplies:

    3 -  1 - Subject Spiral notebook for Robotics, Science and Spanish


    1 5-Subject Spiral notebook for Math


    Composition books


    2” three ring binder 


    1 Pack of 8-tab Loose Leaf Dividers (w/ pockets preferred) to be used in Language Arts and Reading


    3  Packs of college ruled loose-leaf paper  (w/reinforced edge preferred)




    Colored Pencils


    Colored Markers


    Pencils and erasers (96)


    Pencil Case


    2 - Ear buds


    3 packs of sticky notes


    1 Tot stapler




    Smock in Ziploc Bag


    index cards


    1 sharpener


    1 wite-out tape


    1 glue stick


    2 - 2-pocket folders


    2 thin sharpie


    2 thick sharpie


    2 - 8 pack divider with pockets

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