This package includes all 7th Grade supplies required by the school as well as home delivery

7th Grade (Demarest)

  • 1 - 8 pocket homework organizer (also known as an accordion style of folders-this will be used for each academic class)

    Handheld sharpener


    Assignment pad (supplied by school)


    Blue, black, and red pens


    No. 2 pencils


    Index cards




    Ear bud headphones


    3 - Highlighter (2 must be different colors)


    4 - Colored pencils


    Small Post-It Squares or Strips


    Regular Post-its




    Glue stick




    Tape or handheld stapler


    3 - Composition Notebook: LA, Social Studies  and Problem Solving


    Colored Pens


    2 - 1" Binder 


    2 - Lined Paper


    Graph Paper


    2 Folder with Pockets (Science and Health)


    2 -1.5" Binder 


    3 Dividers


    Plastic Folder with Pockets and Prongs




    Dry erase markers


    pencils 3H, 2B (individual or set)


    Drawing eraser


    Magic Markers (fine tip)


    Magic Markers (broad tip)




    Crayola Crayons


    Ziploc Bag