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This package includes all 8th Grade supplies required by the school.



8th Grade (Demarest)

  • Blue and Black Pens


    Pencils (No. 2)


    2 Highlighters (different colors)




    2 - Headphones/earbuds


    Accordion folder - or Multi subject folder


    3 - Composition Book - college ruled


    Small Post-it strips


    2 - Poly Folder with 3 holes


    1- 1" Binder Heavy Duty


    4-5 one subject notebooks to be placed into the 1" binder


    Colored Pens (correcting)


    1 Subject notebook - science


    1 Plastic folder with pockets and prongs


    Lined paper


    Dry erase markers


    1 - Colored pencils


    Smock in a Ziploc Bag


    1 nylon knee high


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